Friday, January 17th, CUNY Graduate Center

(365 Fifth Avenue between 34th and 35th Sts, New York City)

All conference activities take place on the Concourse Level of the Graduate Center, one flight below street level.

8:00 AM Concourse Lobby Registration table opens

8:15 AM Concourse Lobby Coffee and light breakfast

8:30 AM Concourse Lobby Icebreaker

9:00 AM Concourse Lobby Opening remarks

9:15-10:35 AM Session 1:

Topics in Game Design 1 (20 min Presentations)
Room C201
Moderator: Leah Potter
“Fun and Usable: Making Better, More Intuitive Games” Catt Small, Code Liberation & Bedrocket Media Ventures
“Teaching the Art and Sound of Video Games Across Two Disciplines” Tom Zlabinger and Sarah-Kate Gillespie, York College CUNY
“Choices in Games” Ethan Ham, City College CUNY
Teaching with Virtual and Augmented Realities (20 min Presentations)
Room C202
Moderator: Kathleen Offenholley
“Virtual Field Trips in Health Education” Xin Bai, Joanne Lavin, and Renee Wright, York College CUNY
“Geolocation and Fear: Horror on the Ridges” Rebecca L. Fischer and Seann Dikkers, Ohio University
“The Instrumentality of Virtuality: The Perceived Real-world Value of Video Gaming” Luther Elliott, G. Ream, E. McGinsky, and E. Dunlap, National Development and Research Institutes
Writing with Games (20 min Presentations)
Room C203 
Moderator: Francesco Crocco
“Journaling the Zombie Apocalypse: Minecraft in College Composition” Jeff Kuhn, Ohio University
“Adventures in Writing: Composition, Pedagogy, Video Games, and a Lot of Questions” Luke Thominet, Wayne State
“What’s in a Game?: Teaching Online and Face-to-Face Composition Classrooms with Game-based Pedagogies” Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet, Graduate Center CUNY
Breaking the Magic Circle: Games & Real Life (10 minute Shorts)
Room C198 
Moderator: Robert Duncan
“Playing Together: Teamwork in Online Games” Christian de Luna, Teachers College Columbia University
“Marriage Equality in Games: What Are Games Teaching Us?” Karen Schrier, Marist College
“Monster Appetite” Maria Hwang, P. Chantes, G. Tedaldi, and A. Lomboy, Teachers College Columbia University
“Cool School: Where Conflict Resolution Is Fun” Mark Young, Rational Games
“Developing Game-based Learning Apps” Deborah Sturm and B. Ploog, College of Staten Island CUNY
Poster Session 1
Room C197
“Murder Mystery Challenge! Engaging First-Year Students in a Game-based Library Investigation” Robin Davis and Marta Bladek, John Jay College CUNY
“Analyzing Procedural Learning and Emotion Recognition in Children Using Serious Games” Jonathan Parziale, Ed Peppe, Deborah Sturm, B. Ploog, and P. Brooks, College of Staten Island CUNY
“Lerpz Behaves: A Game to Teach Applied Behavioral Analysis” A. Hamid and Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
“Unbiased: A Game to Reduced Errors in Cognitive and Social Biases” H. Mehta and Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
“Using a Board Game to Teach Students About Divided Attention” S. Dhar and Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
“Improving Decision Making for Extreme Prospects Using a Board Game” X. Lin and Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
What’s Your Game Plan? (80 minute Interactive Game Design Session)
Rooms C204 & C205
Moderator: Joe Bisz

10:35 AM Break

10:45 AM – 12:05 PM Session 2:

Designing Ethical Games (20 min Presentations)
Room C201
Moderator: Leah Potter
“Using Indie Games to Teach Ethics” Karen Shrier, Marist College
“The Integrated Problem: An Example of Social Science Gaming” James R. Garfield, Queens College CUNY
“The Challenges of Developing an Educational Board Game: Balancing Content and Gameplay” Christian de Luna, C. Vicari, T. Toynton, M. Luna-Lucero, and J. Lee, Teachers College Columbia University
Games and Gender (20 min Presentations)
Room C202
Moderator: Maura Smale
“Video Games as Feminist Pedagogy” Samantha Allen, Emory University
“Woman Up!” Phoenix Perry, Jane Friedhoff, Nina Freeman, and Catt Small, Code Liberation Foundation
“It’s How You Play the Game: What Playtesting Taught Us about Game Design” Lisa Rosner and John Theibault, Stockton College
Gaming English Language and Literature (20 min Presentations)
Room C203 
Moderator: Joe Bisz
“Play as an Invitation to Learn: Teaching Grammar with Games” Amy Baskin and Rawlslyn Francis, Florida State College-Jacksonville
“Jekyll & Hyde the Board Game: Using Game Design to Teach Literature” Chamutal Noimann, Borough of Manhattan Community College CUNY
Game, Narrative, Literacy (10 minute Shorts)
Room C198
Moderator: Carlos Hernandez
“Rules and Rhetoric: Unfair Games in the Composition Classroom” Brian Keilen, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
“Game Design as Life Design: A Deck of Cards” Brooke Allen and Marshall Poe, University of Massachusetts
“Games and the Re-play of Game Play: Rendering Deleuzian Memory” Kimberley Garcia, Graduate Center CUNY
“Choose Your Own Fairy Tales?: Electronic Literature and Game-based Learning” Eva Lupold, Rutgers University
“The Role of Video Game Glitch in Emancipated Learning and New Literacy Acquisition” Beatriz Albuquerque, Teachers College Columbia University
Poster Session 2
Room C197
“Computational Thinking Via Visual Game Coding” Deborah Sturm and S. Imberman, College of Staten Island CUNY
“iSketch: A Digital Art Therapy Game to Improve Self-Esteem” A. Aponte and Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
“Saving Mikey: A Digital Game to Educate At-Risk College Students About Depression” H. Flores and Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
“Critical Thinker: A Digital Game that Teaches Critical Thinking Skills to College Freshman” E. Restitulio and Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
“Restaurant Rockstar: A Digital Game that Teaches Student How to Read Nutritional Fact Labels” S. McIntosh and Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
“A Language Learning App for International Students Preparing for Higher Education in the U.S.” Hsu Shuyi, Teachers College Columbia University
Teaching with Games (80 minute Chat Session) Rooms C204 & C205 Moderator: Francesco Crocco 

12:05 PM Concourse Lobby Lunch

1:30 PM – 2:50 PM Session 3:

Games, Storytelling, and Narrative
(20 min Presentations)
Room C201
Moderators: Carlos Hernandez and Leah Potter
“Beyond the Multiplayer Classroom: Story” Lee Sheldon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
“Teaching Fiction Writing Using Role-Playing Games” W. Trent Hergenrader, Rochester Institute of Technology
“Truth Is Where You Make It: Designing Historical Games” Leah Potter and Carlos Hernandez, Graduate Center CUNY and Borough of Manhattan Community College CUNY
Games and STEM (20 min Presentations)
Room C202
Moderator: Robert Duncan
“Designing Futures with Games: Game-framed Math & Science at Hostos Community College” Rees Shad and C. Cannon, Hostos Community College CUNY
“#scienceFTW” Barry Joseph, American Museum of Natural History
“Iterative Design and Implicit Bias: What We Learned from Making FairPlay” Dennis Ramirez, B. Gutierrez, S. Chu, C. Samson-Samuel, A. Salmon, K. Squire, and M. Carnes, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Learning by Design (10 minute Shorts)
Room C198 
Moderators: Kathleen Offenholley, Joe Bisz, and Francesco Crocco
“Playing to Learn: Games, Engagement, and Deep Learning in Higher Education” Kathleen Offenholley and Francesco Crocco, Borough of Manhattan Community College CUNY
“Using a Card Game to Teach Circuits” Jeffrey Schwartz, Queensborough Community College CUNY
“Levelfly: An Achievement-based Learning Management System & Social Network” Francesco Crocco and Joe Bisz, Borough of Manhattan Community College CUNY
“Gold Stars and Badges” Kristana M. Textor, Video.Art.Games.
Arcade Demo Session 1
Room C197
“Argument” Andrew Y. Ames, Robert Morris University
“The Game of College” Melissa Barlett, Mohawk Valley Community College
“Project CONST∆NT: A Gesture-Based Game That Teaches Calculus” Brian Moriarty, E. Lennon, M. Zivkovic, Stevens Institute of Technology
“Salty Dogs” Jon Molina and Matthew Bethancourt, Hostos Community College CUNY
“SlashDash” Reynaldo Vargas, Adnan Agha, Vivian Allum, Alexandre Gresh, and Armand Silvani, Nevernaut Games
“The Fluid Ether” Kevin A. Miklasz and T. Chklovski, Iridescent
What’s Your Game Plan? (80 minute Game Design Session)
Rooms C204 & C205
Moderator: Maura Smale

2:50 PM Break

3:00 PM –  4:20 PM Session 4:

Topics in Game Design 2 (20 min Presentations)
Room C201
Moderators: Maura Smale and Joe Bisz
“Using Meaningful Gamification and Playful Design Instead of Rewards for the Classroom” Scott Nicholson, Syracuse University
“Liminal Space Between Fun and Educational Impact: A Post Mortem” Ira Fay, Hampshire College
“Modding an Interdisciplinary Brainstorming Card Game: The Evolution of What’s Your Game Plan?” Maura Smale, Joe Bisz, Charlie Edwards, and Jody Rosen, NYC College of Technology CUNY and Borough of Manhattan Community College CUNY
Students as Game Designers (20 minute Presentations) Room C202  Moderator: Robert Duncan
“From Game Player to Job Search Pro” Michelle Wang and Don Wei, Borough of Manhattan Community College CUNY
“The Education Arcade” Michael Smith, York College CUNY
“The Transformative Games Initiative: Learning by Design” Robert O. Duncan, York College CUNY
Experiencing Reality in Popular Games (20 min Presentations)
Room C203
Moderator: Kathleen Offenholley
“World of Warcraft: Experiencing Reality in a Virtual World” Amanda Rosen, Webster University
“Entertainment Games for Education: Self-Motivated Education and EVE Online” Christopher Vicari, Teachers College Columbia University
“What Can Chess Teach Us about Sociology” Michael W. Raphael, Graduate Center CUNY
Arcade Demo Session 2
Room C197
“Mind Reader and Forty Eight” Ryan Courtney, Stony Brook“Government in Action” David McCool and Chris Parsons, Muzzy Lane Software
“Off the Page, Onto the Classroom Stage: Discoveries Through Play with Text and Language” Katherine M. DiMarca, Middlesex Community College
“Stellar Chemist: A Work in Progress” Eric Church, University of Baltimore
“Cool School” Mark Young, Rational Games
“Gametron7000” Kristana M. Textor and Josh Knowles, Video.Art.Games.
Making Educational Games (80 minute Chat Session)
Rooms C204 & C205
Moderator: Leah Potter 

4:20 PM Break

4:30 PM Proshansky Audtorium Plenary Panel

  • John B. Black, Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Telecommunications & Ed. and Chair, Department of Human Development, Director Institute for Learning Technologies, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Joey J. Lee, Research Assistant Professor and Director of the Real-World Impact Games Lab, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Anastasia M. Salter, Assistant Professor, Division of Science, Information Arts and Technologies, University of Baltimore
  • Eric Zimmerman, Independent game designer & Arts Professor, NYU Game Center
  • Robert Duncan (moderator), Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, York College, CUNY.

5:30 PM Proshansky Audtorium Prizes, Farewell



Saturday, January 18th, Borough of Manhattan Community College

(199 Chambers Street, New York City)

Game Day, 10 am – 5 pm, Richard Harris Terrace

To enter the BMCC building, walk up the long path of broad steps. Once you enter the lobby, you may have to sign-in to get through the turnstiles. Walk down the large corridor that branches to the right. The first large room on your left (after the bookstore) is the Richard Harris Terrace.

On this more informal day we’ll be playing popular board and card games, and offering feedback to educational games that attendees have created. Feel free to bring games of your design; we will have game designers on hand! During this time we will get to know each other better and hopefully discover opportunities for future collaborations.